Window labor prices

silverbullet007August 17, 2012

I am trying to get some quotes on installing Marvin Integrity windows and finally received my first quote.

This installer has experience and is suppose to be a certified Marvin installer.. The quote is for installing 20 casements all ultrex windows. Full frame replacements. 8 double casements, one triple and reframe for a larger half window. Also install a French slider and a patio slider. My cedar siding will need to be cut back a couple inches around the priemter of the window, new flashing and trim installed inside and out.. Also patch any drywall that may get cracked or damage.

The quote for the windows is 17000. The installer quoted 7500 in labor alone for the installation of the windows. This does not include any flashing or trim material or painting. This is only labor for the install and trimming out the window. This was a little more then I had planned but maybe in line.

I'll get a few more quotes to see how this is in line but was wondering what our experts thought here?


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Seems reasonable to me. What made you think full frame replacements would be less?

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I'd worry less about the breakdown (every company does it differently) and more about the end price. Is the $17k just for the 20 casements, or does that include two door units? Even if it is just for the casements, that puts the price of a full frame tear-out Marvin Integrity at an average of $850 per opening. That is very fair... OTOH, if that includes the two door units, it is really a steal (assuming a quality installation)

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The 17000 is the cost for the windows and doors from the dealer. I am having to find a person to install the windows. His labor charge for installing them is 7500 not counting material or painting the trim.

So, if I add on another 2500 for trim and flashing material that puts me at 27000. So that is more like 1227.00 a opening including 20 windows and two doors.

As far as why I thought less, I thought It would take less then 3 hours a window not counting paint. So I figured 180 - 200 a window and double that for a door.

So I was thinking labor alone would be around 5500-6000.

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The 17K in materials alone is reasonable having priced out these units myself.

$38 per hour for a proper window installer is not out of the range of normalcy either.

Make sure they flash all those openings and wrap the jambs and head as well.

If done properly, they will never leak.

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$38 for labor is pretty low.

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