My Garage and 8N Tractor

avirex7823g1March 6, 2010

Here is a picture of the detached garage I have the sub panel in.

And with that is my 1949 8N Ford tractor that I've had some 45 years. The tractor also sleeps in the garage.

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Can I borrow it?
I've got stumps to pull, logs to tow and a field to mow.

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Nice tractor, but it didn't come with that GM alternator on it did it? How is it for pulling wire?

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It ain't dirty enough! Find some work for it to do. LOL

Nice tractor. It should fare well in parades and farm equipment shows.

Years ago, my family had 1947 Ferguson with "TE" in the serial number. The "E" meant it was an English tractor with an American engine (It was powered by a wet sleeve Continental). This was during the transition period when Ferguson was ramping up its US production. For a short period, Ford produced the Ford-Ferguson and then Ford made its own copy and took over the market. Furgerson sued, but came away with only the valve for the internal hydraulic lift. It was a Ford market after that.

The Furgeson had a road speed of 13 mph; The Ford could do 15 mph. Other than that, there was very little difference in performance between the two.

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Is everything on that original? It's gorgeous.

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