Repairing burnt spot on IKEA bed (pics)

ljbrandtMay 26, 2011

I also posted this in the furniture forum, but I think it's more suited for this one.

Several weeks ago, we had a halogen desk lamp accidentally lay on top of an IKEA bed (headboard) and burnt a spot about the size of two quarters. The bed is less than 2-years old and I was hoping for some suggestions to repair the spot. I thought about wood filler, but wanted to know if there were any better options before I gave it a go. Thanks!

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probably the best approach is a two-part polyester filler (Bondo or Minwax High Performance Wood Filler). Mask off the area, apply filler, sand to level, add some grain lines by scoring with a knife. Then get some flat-black lacquer and lightly apply a few coats, blending in to the area.

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I agree with the above post. A two part epoxy type filler will be much more durable and fill in larger areas.

It looks like the veneer is peeling up. You might want to glue this part back down first. Use painters tape to keep it down while the glue dries.

Then I would put some finishing nails or brads into the dent. This will help anchor the filler. Make sure the nails are below the highest point of the bed and will not show once it is sanded.

Make sure you tape off the area around the dent. You will need to sand down the filler and you do not want to damage any other areas with the sand paper.

Good luck, this is a fairly easy fix! It will not look perfect but it shouldn't be noticeable unless you point it out.

This stuff smells terrible so I would do it outside or at least mix it outside.

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Thanks for the great info. Someone else in another forum recommended a water based filler such as Elmer's/Minwax as being easier to smooth, clean-up and possibly less damaging to the surrounding wood. I'm pretty much limited to what the big box stores carry around here...Elmer's, Mixwax & DAP plastic wood. Any suggestions on what would be best? I'll repost pictures of my progress as it happens! :-) Also, I need to pick up painters tape and sandpaper. any suggestions on grit #?

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You can find Bondo at nearly any auto parts store or big stores like Walmart. A water-based filler would work, but it tends to be a bit more friable (likely to crumble if bumped hard, particularly on a large spot like this.

Bondo and Minwax 2-part filler tend to sand fairly easily. Epoxy stick, such as QuikWood, tend to be harder and more work to sand.

You will probably want to end up with P400 sandpaper. Start of with something coarser, as low as 80 grit to start, just watch the edges. Go 80-120-180-320 or 400. Part of the decision is how skilled you are in getting a fairly smooth start. You might also need a couple of layers if you don't get filled to level on the first try.

And, yes, I missed it in the photos. Glue and tape the loose veneer before starting.

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Bondo is very smelly/toxic, be sure to do it outside.

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