Picked the window line - now which LoE glass?

Davis_HelenAugust 7, 2013

First - thanks to all that helped us get to this stage. We are breaking ground on a new build and will be going with Kolbe Ultra casements all around - about 40 or so units.

The quote we have in hand calls for LoE 272 in all units. We are located in the Atlanta, GA area.

The house faces due South with full exposure. There are no real overhangs in the design to speak of - nothing like a big front porch or anything - more Tudor style. Old part of town - great tree coverage in the back, but the front of the house not so much. Starting pretty much from mid morning until around 5:30 pm during the Summer we will be taking the brunt of the sun not only on the South facing, but also the front half (front to back) of the East side in the morning and then the West in the afternoon.

Should we consider LoE 366 in any of this application, or not overly complicate things and just go with the LoE 272?

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Check that - the Kolbe Ultra is LoE 270 - not 272 as standard

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The 366 low e will drop your solar heat gain coefficient a few numbers, so it will help some. If it's within your budget do it. With that many units it should be a few grand more on the window cost. Make sure you do it on all of the units though. It has a slightly different look than the 270. 366 is a good choice though, any stronger of a low e it starts looking dark.

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So got our quote back from full use of LoE 270 glass to LoE366 glass and while there was an increase as expected it was only a total of $1125 for flipping the entire 40+ casements package.

I guess at this point I am thinking - why would i not do it? Is there a downside I am not aware of - either function or aesthetics - again, based in ATL and building on a lot that will get a good deal of sun exposure through out the day on the South (front) and the East / West sides of the house - Tudor styles with little overhang in much of the windows.

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There are really no downsides. The only possible down side I can think of is that the windows have a slight yellow tint to them. But BARELY noticeable. The 270 has a slight purple/blue tint to it, again barely noticeable. Function wise there's no difference.

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