Wood countertop....Dishwasher Moisture Barrier??

Lynch Home ServicesMay 18, 2009

What should I use underneath my wood countertop where the dishwasher goes? I suppose I need some kind of extra protection from the moisture? There's already 4 coats of water-based poly on the underside and edges- someone said just some plastic, or tin foil should be enough- what have you guys used- and HOW did you attach it?

I know 4 coats of poly is a big help in the long run, but I think adding something extra is a good idea...it's not worth the risk of what could happen down the road?!

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Your 4 coats of poly should be just fine. But when you buy a new dishwasher it has a plastic cover on top that goes under the counter. So a piece of plastic would work. But the 4 coats should be sufficient. We make wood countertops this info comes from experience. I hope you enjoy your wood countertops.

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I use sheet aluminum. Similar to rolls of thin gauge aluminum flashing.

Attach with small sheet metal screws. At the front edge on the bottom of the countertop overhang I'll run a thin bead of clear silicone on the edge of the metal to seal and adhere the Al to the wood, and to soften the edge of the aluminum.

Can't see any of it unless you lay down on the floor and look up.

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Lynch Home Services

Thanks mongoct, that's what I was looking for in HD the other day- couldn't find anything big enough (I want to cover the whole 24"x 24" area) That was my exact plan, just can't find it...and the tops are being installed today!

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laminate will work too, we sandwich our countertops between what we call backer(on the bottom) and the laminate on top. Contact cement to hold it on

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Your wood should be no problem. Dishwashers come with sufficient moisture protection built in. Think, they are designed to go under a particle board and laminate counter. The only time moisture escapes from the DW is that rush of steam comes out when you open it.

Ikea sells a Fixa diffusion barrier for their whirlpool DW. It supposedly protects the exposed counter edge outside the DW, against steam escaping when you open the DW. Some people apply metal tape to the front underside edge of the countertop for the same effect.

But, I would be reluctant to put plastic sheeting or something like that under the counter unless the DW manufacturer recommends it. You could create more problems by trying to solve a non-problem. Sometimes, we can over-think these things. Dishwashers are made to be leakproof right from the manufacturer.

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