Waterlox on fir front door? Will it look ok?

Chris StrombergerMay 5, 2007

We have a paint grade fir front door that we just got and it looks pretty good to us (no knots). We have been reading about Waterlox on these forums (thinking of using it on our oak floors now), and were wondering if it would look good on our front door. Anyone have experience with fir + waterlox? I have read that fir does not stain well, so wondering if it would look bad with waterlox also (we would just use waterlox on the door, no stain). And if waterlox would be appropriate for an exterior door. It's shaded under a roof eave, so does not receive direct sunlight, but will get some water spray from heavy rains etc.

Also, if we do waterlox the door and we don't like it, is it possible to paint over waterlox?



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Hi Chris, I have a Simpson entry door and Loewen windows in my home, both of these two are manufactured with vertical grain douglas fir.

After completing a test of my finishing schedule, the sample showed me that on my particular project the pre-stain conditioner did nothing so being non-essential that step was skipped.

I began by applying some Sherwin Williams Sher-Wood stain over the factory finish sanded raw wood. Additional sanding may have the potential to increase the chances for color blotching so try to avoid if possible. After fully drying, one thin coat of sanding sealer was applied and allowed to dry before filling any nail holes with a matching colored putty. After smoothing this fill, two thin coats of a semi-gloss oil based spar varnish were brushed on.

I did not have any problems with blotching anywhere in the project and the results are the fine furniture finish I desired. Like they often say, your mileage may vary. Enjoy your new woodwork!

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