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bicyclegirl1May 10, 2014

I'm redoing my kitchen & am always over in the Kitchen threads. I've received so much amazing help over there & will probably post this in that area too, but since you are the experts with wood, I would love to hear your opinions.

I'm talking to a cabinet maker who gave me a quote within my budget. The cabinets boxes will be constructed from paint grade maple plywood and solid maple face frames. The drawers will be consructed with 1/2" Russian Birch plywood. Can anyone tell me if this is good material for kitchen cabinets, as well as the thickness?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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I assume the question is about the 1/2" birch drawer material so yes,it makes good sturdy drawers.
You didn't ask but maple is available in different grain configurations ranging from fiddle back,curly,clear and a few in between. All are beutiful when clear coated but imo staining is a mistake. If one doesn't like the natural color,it is better useing another species.

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All excellent woods for the use.

Maple is difficult to stain without blotching. A single color stain/dye will blotch(Even sometimes over preconditioner).

The large or experienced cabinet companies/shops use a blended recipe of stains to prevent blotching.

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Actually klem, I'm asking about the paint grade maple plywood, & solid maple face frames for the cabinet boxes, along w/ the 1/2 inch Russian birch plywood for the drawers.

Sounds like both of you agree not to stain any of the maple, but to just paint, which is what I'm planning on doing anyway, so it sounds like this is ok.

I'd also like to know about the 1/2" thickness for the drawers. Will that be sturdy enough for 3 - 36" wide drawers that will be holding pots & pans? Also, what thickness should the cabinet boxes be? He didn't mention that. I want to have everything very clear before signing anything.

I also just realized, he didn't mention the doors & drawer fronts. I believe those are usually made out of solid wood, right? If so, is the solid maple fine for those, as long as I paint them?

Thanks so much for your help klem & handymac. I appreciate your time & expertise!

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I would go with 3/4" plywood for the cabinet boxes, and the pots and pan drawers, also make sure the drawer bottoms are 3/8" to 1/2" thick.

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Thanks sloyd! So much to make sure it's all good.

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