Wood panel will not stain( do not think it is glue)

dwainessaMay 21, 2009

Restoring antique bed. Wood is stripped there are small scrapes, also what seems to be some small separation in the wood,hair like separations. ( not a crack) I have not sanded against the grain. Used paint striper and mineral spirts to remove old lacquer and stain. 120 Grit sand paper to to try to even these areas, whole bed has been sanded with 120 . I have tried to go in different directions to get the small areas to accept stain. (not working) I don't belive it's glue.

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It takes lacquer thinner to remove lacquer---mineral spirits will not do so.

What kind of wood are you working with?

If it is oak or ash, the grain is the cause of the problem, and I don't know of any method to get stain out of the grain in those two woods.

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