Where oh where has the bm gone?

evilstepmom-lolAugust 23, 2010

Ok... I must admit that I am thankful after reading these pages that I do not have a lot of interference from the kids bm...

That said...

This woman flits in and out of the kids lives at whim. Does the occassional stint in jail. Disappears for years at a time. Has not seen the kids in over a decade. And when she does finally deign to call the kids all she can do is criticize how I do the job that she gave up on. I have been married to their dad for over 4 years. In all of that time not a peep from her. She claimed she did not know how to find them. Funny thing, her grandmother and sister know our address & phone numbers. I communicate with them on a regular basis through email, facebook & myspace.

Oh... believe me, I don't take her criticism seriously. What I do take seriously is how she has let them down again. I am indignant on their behalf.

Dear step-daughter, henceforth known to all the world as my daughter, has spent time in therapy as well as the mental hospital. Serious attachment issues. Depression. Anxiety and stress. She is finally learning to trust.

Dear step-son, henceforth known to all the world as my son, just celebrated his graduation from high school and his 18th birthday. Not a card or call. Just installed the dear child as a freshman in college. Gosh, I am so proud of that boy!

Thanks for listening.

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Your kids were sent an angel :) I think you are truly a lovely person for taking care of your kids hearts.

I too had a SM who took over 3 kids... loved on us as though we were her own. My mother claims to have tried to see us thru the years...we all know better.
Hey, if that's what she had to do to live with herself...

But we kids know really who our mother was...I miss her something fierce.

Your kids know too :)

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I too deal with a bm like that so I feel your pain! It enfuriates me to see this woman walk in and out of the kids lives and let them down constantly. She is never in jail, but she comes in and out of my 3 stepkids lives and she acts like she thinks she is a good mom. She once told the kids she left state suddenly and did not call for a whole year because she was not around a phone! LOL Then she went as far as to pretend her boyfriend was in the military.....too bad they never moved anywhere near a base!

It sounds like you have done a good job helping your dh raise those kids. This site is a great place to vent and let your frustrations out so you don't have to do it to people you know.

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