What brand of stain is this?

mainecoonkittyMay 16, 2008

I'm trying to match a stain used on some trim work in my current house. The color used is "Wildwood", but I don't know the brand of stain. I've Googled it and nothing comes up. Does anyone know what brand of stain this might be?

Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom.

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The name of the color is useless. You will never find anything unless you know the manufacturer or the color ID number. Those color names often change and some different manufacturers may use the same color name for products that have different pigments. For example if all you know is the color is called "Provincial" You will find lots of different products made by different manufacturers called provincial that will all have a slightly different color.

Are you restaining, or making something new that needs to match?

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I'm trying to stain a piece of trim that was badly dinged by fruniture movers and has to be replaced. The original owners very thoughtfully wrote down the names of their paint and stain colors and included them in a packet for us when we bought the house. But they forgot to include the brand of stain! So I thought I'd give it a shot here. I've tried every brand I can think of, so I'll probably just take a piece of the trim and have it custom matched. It's popular trim and is stained a medium cherry-like color called "Wildwood".

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