Staining rubberwood - uneven results

trancefusionMay 14, 2010

I am trying to stain an unfinished rubberwood tv stand and I am running into some very uneven results. Thee wood is generally made up of 3" wide strips, and each piece seems to be taking the stain differently.

Is a wood conditioner something that will help here? Or a different sanding technique?

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What color are you staining the stand and what stain are you using? What do you want it to look like? Can you provide a picture?

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Try a gel stain, darker is better. I used Old Masters gel on this coffee table - can still see the strips but not as bad. I think you'll always get a "butcher block" look with rubberwood, if you want a solid-looking surface you'll have to use solid wood or veneer. That's just the way rubberwood furniture is made - must be no big pieces available so they cut it into strips.

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