What's this piece? Can I replace?

RuferAugust 11, 2012


We are selling our home and in the inspection report, the buyer wants us to repair a damagesd area to a lower vinyl sash. It has been like this since we have lived here for the past 8 years and there have been no leaks.

Is there a name for this piece? It's where the sash is lifted from but also butts up against the glass. Does anyone know if there might be a replacement piece. I'm not sure if caulking will satisfy the buyer and I would rather not replace entirely.

The windows were installed in '92 but I am not sure of the maker.

There is a picture attached to this post. See the discolored area.

Thanks a lot.

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It's called a lift rail. I doubt you will be able to replace it as most are not detachable.

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Ah, disappointing. Thanks for your help.

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Windows on Washington

That is the lift rail as Eco pointed out.

It appears from the picture that the window is glazed from the interior and that the lift rail is an integral glazing bead/lift rail combination.

It should be removable but I would advise against it. It is likely going to break/chip/crack in the process and the likelihood of a replacement piece being available is slim.

I would try to polish the are in question with some cleaner or solvent.

Is it just discolored or is it actually physically damaged.

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