BM + her mom = insanity!

lovehadleyAugust 22, 2009

BM and her mom are both total hypochondriacs, always thinking the worst and totally freak SS out about this or that.

BM drags the poor kid to the dr. at the first hint of a cold. She never takes him to his ped, only takes him to urgent care facilities, and so he never sees the same dr. Anyway, BM is the type to INSIST on an antibiotic, even when the dr. is telling her it's something viral. She usually winds up getting it to "make her feel better."

As a result, SS has been on more antibiotics in probably the last 2-3 yrs than DD has her whole life!

Honestly---it is pretty crazy. He had this TEENY cut on his thumb (that he sucks) a month or two ago and BM took him to the dr b/c she was worried it "might" get infected? And she insisted the dr. write a prescription for an antibiotic, and she proudly told DH how she told the dr. she would not leave without one. She got it, with instructions to fill it only if his thumb became red/swollen. Of course she filled it and put him on it immediately anyway--so he took a 10 day course for pretty much no reason at all.

DH keeps trying to explain to her that antibiotics become less effective the more you take them, and that SS will be in trouble if he ever gets REALLY sick, and he's resistant to whatever meds. he's given.

So today SS woke up sick. :( 100 degree fever, and just generally achey and icky feeling. It sees flu-ish to me---his throat hurts, his head hurts, etc. So DH and I decided we'd give it 24 hrs of rest/fluids/Tylenol and if he was the same or worse tomorrow, we'd get him into Urgent Care.

BM called this afternoon and FLIPPED HER WIG when she heard he was sick. She flew off the handle, told DH SS needs to be seen ASAP and that she was going to come over to get him and take him, he might have strep throat, if it's untreated, it could affect his heart, he could die, blah blah.


DH finally got off the phone and not 5 mins later the phone rings and it's GRANDMA. DH didn't answer but she left this long, rambling message about how SS needs to be seen, get a throat culture, get on antibiotics, etc.

I have never met people like this! I mean, am I crazy for thinking you don't run to the dr. the second you get sick?

He's had a couple doses of Children's Tylenol, I made some fresh-squeezed OJ, he's been snacking okay throughout the day-----he is not THAT sick. I totally agree, if he is still the same tomorrow, he should be seen, esp. if his throat still hurts.

My DD's pediatrician is VERY conservative with things---pretty mcuh anytime I call w/anything, he says to give it 24 hrs of rest and fluids---and tells me to call if a, b or c occurs---and that's about it. Occasionally, if it's something bad---he will say she needs to be seen; she had a hernia two yrs ago, and all we saw was a lump on her tummy, VERY scary. I called the exchange at 10 pm at night, he called back and said to call first thing in the AM, make an appt. and bring her in to be seen. But most of the time, he is of the treat-the-symptoms-mindset, and come in if it's not better in 24-48 hrs.

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WHile they may be crazy

if it is strep it should be treated

I work with tow people who have children who have ended up with some major illness do to untreated strep

one is now an insulin dependent diabetic and the other has a child that went into complete kidney failure that required dialysis and a transplant

That on top of my child who very likely had an undiagnosed strep infect and also suffered kidney damage

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not in the first 24 hours .... geezus....

untreated strep takes a long time to inflict such damage those are neglectful parents you are talking about ....

If you are given to many antibiotics your body will not help you fight infection and will eventually not respond to any treatment.....

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"if it is strep it should be treated "

I totally agree. That's why I said "I totally agree, if he is still the same tomorrow, he should be seen, esp. if his throat still hurts."

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I take a flash light and inspect the throat. If it has white blisters (pus/sign of infection) then maybe run to urgent care. But, kids get best care when they consistently see the same doctor and if it's possible, wait to see the regular doctor. Besides, urgent care will tell you to call your regular doctor for a follow up.

But I have dibs on the insane BM/Mother team....

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Made me chuckle IMA ... thinking I escaped the crazy GM episodes ... love you doodle all with the bm/gm combo.

See my situation isn't so bad!!! hahaha

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We checked his throat yesterday---too funny, Ima, I rememeber my parents doing that with me!

Anyway, it looked fine, and he is FINE today. He was already doing better last night--ate a huge dinner and was running around outside. I took his temp. this morning and it was normal, and he says he feels fine.

fingers crossed he is over whatever it was! We'll have to see how he does the rest of the weekend...

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thanx for the deciding i am a neglectful parent

I'll let the other parents know also

btw since more then half of rheumatic fever cases and strep related kidney damage occurs without any previous signs of strep infection and in as little as 5 -7 days after being exposed, can you use your medical insight and tell others here how to diagnosis this. The NIH and FDA would like to know also.

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again not in the first 24 hours!!!!

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