GFCI test?

halmcMarch 23, 2014

I have a handy-dandy little Chinese GFCI tester that one plugs into a GFCI receptacle, then one presses the little button and if the GFCI receptacle is functioning, it will trip, requiring a reset. Works just fine.

When one correctly installs a GFCI BREAKER, should one be able to plug in the little tester in any one of the receptacles in the protected circuit, press the button and thereby cause the GFCI BREAKER to trip?

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Ron Natalie

Yes. However these things will only work (receptacle or breaker style GFCI) if there is indeed a ground there. All it does is have a high resistance path from hot to ground.

The test button on the GFCI itself bypasses the current sensor with a small current to accomplish the same thing. They will work even if there is no ground connected.

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Precisely the info I'd hoped for, thanks!

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