New BB

katishookedSeptember 21, 2008

Finally finished BB for son & dil again. Here it is. Take a look.

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Hey, Kat! Thanks for posting your pictures. I love blue and think these turned out nice. There at least two different colors. I can't make out the pattern...What did you do there? I have three BBs hiding in my closet. I really HAVE to get them out and have some fun too.

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Daisy the bb was turquiose. Real pretty color. After washing and sanding I used clear globs for bout 2/3 rows, then came down on 4 sides a ways then filled in with blue, then I finished out with clear. No special pattern just playing with the globs. I have about 14 now in garden so need to get them done up. My flowers are all dried up but my bbs sure are doing nicely. LOL

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Good job! And I love the stand!!! I have more garden art than flowers too!!!heh heh!

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Yes, it is a GREAT stand! And a bluetiful bb!! Great job!

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Nice work, nice stand. FOURTEEN???????

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LOL Yes slow 14. After I first saw what can done with bbs' I had mine and bowling alleys aroung here would not give me the time of day. So now I seem to find a couple each week. I like doing them too. So family_________ Merry Xmas.

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