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ani_tAugust 6, 2011

my house hating bills are bout 500 + a month! this cant be what everyone pays- I know my windows seals are bad (Hinspector told me that) so what options do I have ?

these are mid eighties windows -black looking metal frames and no "border" around it. they just look like openings with glass in it. Even inside te hous there are no noldings. I am not sure what they call this style of windows,.

I read online about replaement, sah kit etc. not quite sure in understant-b becaue I cant tell what the parts are they are talking about on my windows. They look like nothing I see in those explanations online... If it helps the house has Pacific northwest architecture...


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If you heating bills are that high, windows are only a part of the problem and could be further down priority list than you think. Get a qualified individual to look at the home and see where the issues truly are.

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