Parallel wiring -- 24V and 240V -- concerns?

kudzu9March 26, 2010

I'm expanding my home irrigation system and added some new valves to the yard. The cable from the valves to the controller in the garage is 5-conductor, 18 gauge; the operating voltage for the valve/controller system is 24 VAC. When I routed the new cable, I ran it through the attic in my garage, and, without thinking about it, I did a straight run through some existing holes in the joists which already had a 1" thick cable that carries 240 VAC to another building. So, I have the 24 VAC and the 240 VAC running parallel for about 50' of a 90' run. My question is: Do I have to worry about electric fields generated by the 240 VAC cable interfering with the operation of the 24 VAC irrigation system? Thanks.

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Thanks. Nothing like a precise answer...!

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