Shard Clock 4 workroom

cindilooSeptember 28, 2008

I'm in the middle of cleaning out and re-organizing my garage to make it my mosaic workroom. Found these plates with clocks on them, just had to decorate an old clock for the new workroom. Nothing special, but I kind of like it:

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Cindi, that is one cool clock. Never saw plates with clocks on them before!! That just looks awesome and is perfect for your soon to be workroom.

I love those shards around the clock face too. I'm trying to figure out what tile that is in the upper right hand corner??

Was this a square clock that you added the shards too?? And you have a second timer for playing with poly clay and resin.
I like it too. Good job

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OH OH OH!!! This clock tells time EXACTLY!!! You start mosaicing at 4:30pm...before you know it's 10:30pm...before you know it it 2 AM!!! lol!!! EXCELLENT Craft Room Clock!!!!

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Cindi I like you clock. Nice job at putting the plate with the clock.

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Oh, how I'd love to have a clock like that one in my workshop. You did a fabulous job on that little beauty, as you do on everything else. Perfect place to use that plate.

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Isn't it amazing how time flys when you're mosaicing? I should have a clock too! What a great place to use the clock plate pieces. I love it!

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Thank you all! Glad you like it! At first, it drove my little anal retentive mind mad only having 3 clock focals...but then I found that other piece (I think it's a handle from a different plate in the same series) and can live with that. NOW...I just gotta get back out there and FINISH the garage!!

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