Another Quick Gift

texaswildSeptember 10, 2008

DD only gave me a two day notice on a request from DGD's birthday gift. Threw this together last evening after finishing the birdbath. After six/eight photos, I gave up trying to get it to show all colors. Going to Dallas on Friday for the Saturday's 20th b.d. party for Granddaughter. This is just one of several gifts from Nana.

Katie's Gift

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Slow, you're amazing. That is gorgeous for a "thrown together" gift! That lucky girl! Someday I hope to be able to throw something together in less than a summer. I truly love these pieces you do and will give one a try someday for sure. What an inspiration!

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Slow it is awesome. I wish I could throw like you do. I'm afraid I threw something tog it would throw up. LOL Great job. I'm sure you DGD will adore it.

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How impressive! I really love it! I am sure she will treasure it, I know I would! Don't feel impelled to let Katie know it was "thrown together", it certainly does not look it!

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You really outdid yourself this time. That is lovely and does not look thrown together. I am sure she will love it.
Great job Slow.

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Love it! And the Nana touch is Perfect!!!

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Girl you did good .You blow me a way how fast you are. I need to send you some of the cross I have been making with thin set.

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wow, that is so cool, where do you get all those crosses? and how do you put these mosaics together so fast?
hopefully someday soon, i will get all my ducks in a row and start a project, i want to, but it seems as though some obsacle jumps in the way.

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WOW! Another awesome piece! Love all the different tess and colors and especially those nails at the top!
Sure she will love it! Have a safe trip.

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A beautiful gift. I'm sure she will treasure it!!

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Y'all blow me away w/your compliments. The left cross I cut from a roll of old tin I got from a friend's barn, turned the edges in - middle cross is made from natural stone tiles from Lowes, and the blue one of course is glass. My stock is down, so need to get to HobLob. Nana - do you use a mold for the thinset, or just fashion them by hand? I'll try your method, cuz I always make too much and toss lots of it away - thanks for the thought. Y'all sure do make my days happier.

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OMG! Look what you can do on the fly! What an amazing artist!WOW! I've had people pull that on me a week ahead
of time, and was Like" no freaking way!".....Wish I could work like you do! WOW! The Queen keeps earning her crown!
Take a bow woman!

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Slow this is really BEAUTIFUL! I'm sure she will be delighted, who wouldn't be? WONDERFUL!!!!

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What a special and very lovely gift, Slow. It's something that your Katie will treasure... forEVER!

I sure hope you've stayed in Dallas! I've been so concerned about you and Flag today!
Sending positive thoughts and prayers for you, your homes and folks in the whole area. Ike is sure a nasty one!
Be safe!

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You sure can put things together in a heartbeat! This is another Slow Magnificient! Your signature heart is perfect...Katie will love and cherish this forever!!!

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I missed this Slow!!! How beautiful and precious. Katie is going to LOVE it, can't wait for you to tell us how she liked her special gift from her Nana. Truly speaks from the heart and no one would every believe you just "through it together" so don't you dare tell anyone but us. LOL.
You are a true artist and your talent is here to see.

What's next???

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Thanks again, y'all. She loved it, and found the little message "Nana hearts you" right away. Next is still bubbling in my heat, and w/be a gift for a special friend. I went to HobLob yesterday to get a couple pieces to put in it. Have to cut the board for the substrate, hopefully today.

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