protecting rustic pine table

remodelmama3May 1, 2014

Hi all - I recently purchased a 15 year old pine table and chairs. It's stained and has a rustic look, which I love, but I think I should probably do something to protect it from from grease/water stains. I do not want to ruin the rustic look and do not want anything shiny looking. Should I just sand it lightly and then put a couple of coats of polyurethane on it? Should I use matte/flat or satin finish? Any other suggestions? Thank you!

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Before you do anything,see if it has wax,polish or silicon on it. If so,it must be removed before sanding or coating. Secound order of business is figuring out what type finish is on it and choosing one that is compatibil.

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I would leave it as is, putting your own finish over it is asking for trouble as it will never look as good as the factory finish.

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