Refinishing mess

jfrosenbergMay 4, 2007

I don't know what I was thinking, but I totally made a mess of refinishing an old dresser that was painted with latex, crackle medium, another layer of latex and several layers of polyurthane. I used Klean-Strip K3 Premium Stripper (15 minute) but I didn't note it said to work on small areas and I slathered the whole thing with stripper. I waited the recommended time but I think the garage was under 65 degrees. When I started to take it off with a plastic scraper, most didn't come off and just smeared and glopped up. I now have a lumpy, pasty mess. I'm more than willing to tackle it again, but how??

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Trying to remove multiple layers of paint can be difficult. It takes more time for the chemical remover to diffuse down through multiple layers. I generally use a heat gun on our window sills and interior doors, which are 60 years old, and have been painted too many times. But heated paint generates fumes, so this method should be used outdoors, or in the garage, with the door open. Have you tried a second application of K3, on a one square foot area?

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I agree with ericwi's response. To add some points:
Since strippers are chemical reactions, it will take roughly twice as long to strip at 58 degrees as it does as 76 degrees.

Try a smaller area and cover with a sheet of plastic while it works. This will keep it from evaporating away. Let it sit and let the chemicals do their job. Don't rush it.

With that many layers, you may have to apply the stripper several times to get through it all.

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Look for a product called 5F5 . It's a jell like stripper. You'll need to work small areas at a time .Put it on, the paint will bubble after a few minutes, keep applying and keep the area wet with the stripper.
Remove layers with a spackle knife and keep repeating until it's all removed.
Once down to the wood , you might need to use a brass brissled brush and /or steel wool and paint thinner to clean the paint out of the grain of the wood.
best of luck.

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