24V transformer warm to touch

grandmumMarch 5, 2012

I have a 24 volt transformer mounted on the gangbox that the furnace switch sits in. My son thinks it either controls the low voltage of the furnace or a humidifier.

The transformer is warm to the touch and the metal box its mounted on is slightly warm to the touch as well.

Does this sound normal?

FWIW:There a similar transformer that controls the doorbell elsewhere and it too is slightly warm to the touch but a bit less than the in question.

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Ron Natalie

Warm is OK. If it's so hot you can't leave your hand on it something may be warm. Most likely he is right it controls various low voltage circuits including the thermostats and the humidifier controls.

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Transforming electricity inevitably results in the generation of waste heat. It sounds totally normal.

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It would be a good idea to investigate,
and find out exactly what it feeds,
and label it accordingly. It 'probably'
is for the furnace, but maybe it was
just a convenient spot to put the
doorbell xfmr.

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