Generator upgrade, plug change advice needed

budthespud27March 24, 2014

Hi. I am considering upgrading my generator from a 10yr old Tecumseh-engined (very loud) one to a new Champion brand generator that is on sale here. It will require a change in the male plug type that comes from my house to plug into the generator, at the least. I am posting here to see if anyone can confidently tell me whether I need to do anything more then change the plug on the end of the cord coming from my transfer switch. I am not an electrician, but have some basic understanding of electricity.


I have a transfer switch already built into my home, which I used with the old generator. The house was built 10 years ago, and the transfer switch was installed by an electrician at that time, to work with the generator I still have.

The transfer switch has 30 amp breakers.

Running from that transfer switch is a "polarflex 40 10/4 soow" cord, terminating with a male L14-20.

The generator I'm interested in buying, as an upgrade, has an L14-30 outlet.

My simple research indicates to me the transfer switch and cord can handle 30 amps. As far as I can tell. But it terminates in a plug designed for a 20 amp female outlet on the old generator.

Question: can I simply change the plug at the end of the cord coming from the transfer switch, from an L14-20 to a L14-30? Or is it more complicated then that?

Appreciate any help you can provide. If I haven't provided enough detail, ask me for what you need to know.

Btw, the new generator would be a Champion 7200W. The old one is a Tecumseh engined 5500W.


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Ron Natalie

It does sound like changing he plug would be acceptable. How long is the cord?

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The cord is approx 40-50 feet long. It runs from the transfer switch in the basement to the garage, with enough length to allow it to be plugged into a generator running outside the garage.

Thanks for the help with this question.

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Ron Natalie

Sounds reasonable.

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