wackyweederSeptember 10, 2011

Flag's passing has made me think just how long I have been coming here, how things have changed, how people have come in and out of my life due to this wonderful thing we call mosaic.

I wanted to check with others about how long you have been coming here and other places you are online and finding each other in those places so we dont get "lost"

Ive been coming here for about 8 years!!! started in Garden Junk and moved over. I am also on Flickr as Jenny Bowman/Mad4Mosaics, facebook-Jenny Bowman, and another forum, as wackt. I would like to know some of you as well and other places you might be.

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Hi Jenny!

I'm crafty_lady on both Flickr and that other forum that you are on. Over on Facebook I'm Barb Frizzell.

Like you, I started in Garden Junk and then moved to here when postings started to pick up thanks to Slow who started posting regularly. I had completely forgotten that this was one of my places that I had bookmarked and never added it when I got my new computer.

I see a few familiar names are still posting here but there are also some new names that I'd like to get to know!

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Like both of you, I stumbled onto Garden Junk when I was searching the net for garden art. That was in '06, and I had been mosaicing for about four years - memory is getting bad here. When the junk side got tired of us mosaicists, we wandered to this site. I love it here, and found a home w/people that share my passion for mosaics. I joined Flickr when this forum slowed to a crawl, and found many wonderful artists, including a few from this forum. I check in on the junk side from time to time to see what's new. When CALAMITY visited me, she got me interested in the Cottage Garden side, so I check in there every morning, as well as the Weird Yards/Gardens side. I see GYPSY's posts there. Love all y'all, and the GW. What a wonderful bunch we are.

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I think I joined Garden Junk in '08, maybe '07. Then I wanted to mosaic as well and started coming here too.
Such good hearted and generous people in both places!
A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of visiting Calamity and also met Klinger when dh and I traveled to Vancouver.
I have a blog, but don't post like I used to. I think I will start to post every month and report on what's been happening/craftwise, since the purpose of the blog was to help me to focus on my hand work. I started selling plate flowers this summer, and I'm thinking of ways to combine mosaics with them.
I'll have to check out Cottage Garden and Weird Yards too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Concrete 'n Primroses blog

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Can someone help me find the weird gardens one? I must be looking in the wrong place.
and I still check out garden junk every now and then.

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What a lovely idea! I think I am the newbie in the crowd (so far), though I'm in a state of shock that SLOW has only been doing mosaic for 4 years.

Up until recently, my hobby was romance writing. I was published through Harlequin with 8 books when juggling writing deadlines with family and a full-time job got to be too much. You can check out that history at I turned in my last book a couple years ago and switched my focus to hobbies that were more relaxing and just for ME.

I set up a vegetable garden and workshop in my back yard and came to these forums through the Vegetable thread a couple years ago. I still spend quite a bit of time there. My mosaic hobby started out as stepping stones. I just wanted to add a little color to my garden, and I know I don't have to tell any of you here: One thing leads to another. LOL

I keep a garden blog of my veggies and art and definitely welcome visitors. It's linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Loribees Garden Blog

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Uh oh - WACKY - sorry - it's Weird Yards and Gardens on FLICKR - dumbo me. LORI: I had been mosaicing for four yrs. when I joined Garden Junk in '06.

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What a good idea!
Slow and Carol and so many others have been such amazing inspiration to me! I kind of lurked here for awhile...then started asking questions and finally jumped in making a sailboat... that I didn't ever grout even though it hangs in our living room. :) Everyone here has always been so encouraging and even though I go in and out (music needs some time, too :) ... I love seeing what everyone does!

I'm Fiddlekate on Flicker and on the mosaic and stained glass forum. I'm Katie Warner Waller on Facebook where I've enjoyed hearing about several donation projects that have been heartwarming to participate in. One coming up is even in my home town up north. :)

Thank you again, Wacky!
And Slow.. thank you so much for letting us know about Carol.

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I have been here a long time I have followed a lot of you around gone here and there but it is more like family here .I do love what every one does .I too am on flicker .I have been doing mosaics for about 15 years started in bible school ha!!
Now it is my life line.

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I've been on this forum since June 2006. I'm Silva Hayes on Facebook, silvamae here and on eBay, and have a blog called Mosaic Road. I write articles about mosaic work and cooking on Hubpages using the name Silva Hayes. I'm Silvahayes on Flickr. I lurk on several other mosaic sites but I alway check back here; I visit here every day. I'm not too active on Facebook; I just never really got the hang of it. I have found that this site has the friendliest folks and the most encouragement. Thanks, y'all.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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What a great thread! I haven't been around much of late. I had to do a search on my own name to see when I might have started posting!! It was back in early 2008, and I probably had been lurking for awhile first. I'm hoping to be more involved as I want to spend more time on mosaics. But of course, as a mom of two teen boys, sometimes there are just other things going on. I'm on flickr as wishflower4. I also have a photo 365 blog and will link it below for anyone who might be interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ellen's Project 365

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Been around a year or so. Look more than I post. Have gotten some of the best help and encouragement on this site. All are so helpful and nice. LOVE my extended family and teachers. They always say you never get too old to learn! I hang out here and on Garden Junk. I like recycling and am still trying to get the hang of mosaics. All my projects are small ones, except for the cemetery project that I gotta quit dragging my feet on and jump in and do it. I did sorta get started, I bought the blocks, if that counts!

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Hi all..Catherine Fenton (Cathy) here. I have been here for 3 or 4yrs as cathyscache.I actually started and bearbubba, but changed everything to cathyscache.My FB name is Catherine Fenton..I am on Photobucket as cathyscache..I live in Alaska and have been mosaicing for about 8 yrs now. I was not here for about 1 1/2 due to injuries but have healed and I'm able to get on the computer now. Love it here. Great info and HELP when needed. Great helpful, knowledgeable people here. Everyone is always willing to share their knowledge and wisdom. My e-mail is Thanks all for the privlage to know U all and share w/U! Cathy

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Carol sure is bringing a lot of us back here. I started mosaicing,at least 13 years ago. In 2006 I found Garden Junk and followed everyone here to the mosaics. I'm shrty411 almost everywhere except facebook . On facebook I'm Maria Peak

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