$3250 to cut RO for new windows

liveinseattleAugust 31, 2009

Hello, all

Can any one tell me if it is fair price to cut window opening on an stucco exterior? The window I want is about 29" wide and 47" tall. Pella charge $3250 to cut opening and will not finish exterior. So we have to hire stucco guy to finish job. Window only cost about $480.

I also wonder how much to pay for stucco repair per SF. in Seattle area. Thanks

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The charge to cut out can vary depending on what area you live in. It is not out of line to pay $1000 or more for a cut out thru a frame up wall and about $1500 or more to cut thru brick. I don't know exactly what the charge is to cut thru stucco since stucco is mainly a West Coast project. However, the above prices DO include frame out inside and out, so make your own decisions about paying $3250. There may be something unusual about the cut out but, at the very least, I'd get a few more estimates.

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thank you all for the response. The price is include the framing the rough opening, but not include cutting out of drywall inside and does not include the finishing the interior. We are doing a bathroom remodeling, and everything is out already, dry wall, etc, we also can frame the rough opening ourselves. So far we got 2 bids, this window cost $3000 to $3500 to install, according to those 2 companies. We are looking for other options. We have done some research, we maybe installation ourselves, and have stucco guy to patch what would be damaged. I believe I could replace this window every another year at this installation price.
But we still waiting for another bid to come in next week. Need some windows to be replaced at the same time.

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You should be able to cut your stucco so it would not need patching. If you can frame it why not just install the window yourself? Things such as height,obstacles,RRP,balloon framing can increase cost.It sounds a bit high to me.

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The problem with cutting a new opening in stucco is that the water barrier will get cut and repairing it is just about impossible. We have been dealing with this rolling disaster at at customer's house. The water gets under the tyvek (or tarpaper) and soaks the sheathing, which of course rots. It doesn't stop there: rots the framing as well.
With the water membrane cut, you are relying solely on the perfection of the caulk joint at the window's edges to keep water out, and that is never reliable.
You need to ask how they plan on cutting only through the stucco/lath without damaging the paper immediately beneath it.
Of course, we are here on the damp east coast; maybe it never rains where you are located, or you have very large roof overhangs, etc., to mitigate.
And yes, I believe that the figure you were given for one penetration is ridiculous.

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