Push out casement v turn tilt

bobbbiegAugust 11, 2014

I've always assumed that when I've seen posts about casement that they were the crank open/close, but recently I've found out that there are non crank, push open casements.

This would be for a new build in the Pacific Northwest, looking for windows which are easy to open....cranking normal casement windows would drive me crazy. Any thoughts, concerns and information on either window type and any manufacturers to look into or to avoid would also be greatly appreciated.

Turn tilts pro:

*can make them for very large openings
*opens 90 degrees or just tilt them open
*easy to clean inside out
*a lot of different manufacturers use high quality German parts


*inswing takes up interior space

Pushout casements pros:

*outswing doesn't effect inside furniture placement


*doesn't fully open

I'm not sure how prices compare, but I'm guessing pushouts are cheaper, though I'm looking at triple pane, so the cost either way will be up there.

Would love any opinions on the best windows (and brands) for my region, even if it's the dreaded crank casement.

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We have Loewen push out French casements. I think they're quite nice. Not sure what you mean by "doesn't fully open."

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Both are beautiful and great window options if you ask me.

Benefit to the tilt and turn is you can ventilate while its raining should you choose to.

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Wow, thanks for the quick responses!


Tilt and turn opens a full 90 degrees, push outs seem to open to 60 degrees, any further out and it would probably be difficult to reach out and close the window, but thanks for the review, I will check out Loewen.

windowsonthewrongwashington :)

yeah, I love the idea of not worrying about the rain, but is that worth the extra cost and the real estate lost to windows that swing inward???? Thanks, though for letting me know I'm choosing between two good designs, long time lurker here and I know you're a valuable resource to everyone who reads your posts!

Any suggestions on manufacturers for either?

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I will stick to my preferred manufacturers, so Marvin Ulitmates, Kolbe Ultra, or Loewen. All three in either All Wood or Extruded Aluminum Clad.

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I have tilt turn windows. Yes, they need swing room in the turn position. However, we find we usually just use the tilt position, so it is not a problem. Ours are Hoco brand from Germany. They were expensive, but we did not see any US brands that offered the quality we were looking at getting.

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Marvin offers a tilt and turn and while the Germans are great at making those, I would say it stacks up favorably with anything in the wood clad family.

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No doubt it was originally German/European technology and I do believe Marvin originally used (and still may use) German hardware for their T&T windows. The three companies I mention all build a high quality product that I personally would have no issues recommending highly. Now I am not saying the Hoco windows are not a high quality window as well and I am certain their are other high quality European windows out there as well but I just prefer an product that has tried and true distribution and service avenues here on this side of the pond.

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Push out would be less expensive for sure. Marvin and Kolbe both offer push out and tilt turn windows. If you're interested get a quote for both type windows from those manufacturers.

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bobbieg, our push out casements open 90 degrees. Not hard to reach to close them but they are French casements so 2 per window opening.

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Millworkman, thanks for the recommendations, getting an endorsement from you definitely puts them on my short list.

Also, a big thank you to everyone else, great posts all around! Good to know I'm on the right path and hopefully this will help any other lurkers out there.

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Your welcome, the products I am recommending will not be the cheapest but will serve you very well for a long time (and I will not recommend crap).

(edited to add the word "not" to "be the cheapest")!!!

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