Road Noise - Milgard Quite Line?

TiredOfRoadNoiseAugust 29, 2012

We bought our first home just recently. It was ignorance on my part that I did not take the problem of road-noise associated with this home seriously. But after moving in, we have come to realize this is a much bigger problem than we thought it was, and it is driving us crazy at night.

Our current windows are dual-pane windows. They must be the original ones installed when the townhome complex was built in 1993 (i say that because most of the homes in the community have the very same windows). I tried to see if I can find the make and model, but there's nothing on these windows. But I do like to mention that structurally, they seem to be in good condition. It's only the sound insulation that is not sufficient.

After some searching online, I found couple of options -, and Milgard Quite Line series. I would really appreciate any reviews for both these options or, more importantly, if there are better and cheaper options?

I see that this forum here has really knowledgeable folks in this matter. I hope to find an answer for this soon, and finally get some good night's sleep.

Thanks !

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Will your Homeowners Asso. allow you to change windows? Are your existing units Aluminum, Vinyl or Wood? Installing new units would be the Best choice. Milgard & other mfg. offer Laminated glass, which is good at slowing sound transmission. Also, you could change you existing glass with Laminated insulated glass. Be sure & upgrade your U-factor & SHGC at this time. All of this should make your home a lot more Sound & Energy Efficient. P.S. The least expensive option would be sleeping pills.

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