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glazedoverAugust 20, 2010

This may be long. In order to solve a morning light problem in our east facing bedroom, we instructed our contractor to go to Pella double hung windows with the blinds between the panes. The first quote was about $2900 for four windows, 3 different sizes (I expected about $1000 per window). Today the installers were here to make a final measurement, and all of a sudden I have found that they originally quoted "pocket" type replacements, and I will lose about 5 inches of pane per window. Well, that was not acceptable to me, so we discussed full frame replacement. My new quote is nearly $6000 (including permits) and that is with the contractor's discount! This does not include replacing and painting the exterior trim, or finishing the interior trim. At this point I am willing to walk away from Pella. Is there any other window that has the blinds between the panes? Has anyone else had promlems like this with Pella? BTW we are in metro Denver, CO.

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$6000 for 4 windows without interior and exterior trim include seems excessive even without knowing the details of the job. I'd try and get an estimate from another dealer.

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What size windows?

Get another bid, or source the windows yourself through Lowes...see the post below regarding Andersen 100 vs. 400.

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There are simply no other companies out there with the diverse selection and styles offered for blinds/shades through the glass other than Pella. When you want custom replacements (not stock sizes) you are going to pay through the nose for them.

There are certainly good (if not better) windows on the market these days but if you want those blinds and custom sized replacements, you will pay a premium. Not only do they have to make the window a custom size, but they have to order those blinds custom sizes as well.

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Perhaps the upcharge is in the installation costs and not necessarily the product? Ask your contractor.

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Thank you for your responses. You are right, we are stuck with Pella in order to solve our problem. We have decided to let our contractor do the install, though. This will save about $1500.00!

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