Replacing Norclad casements?

glessdAugust 12, 2008

I have 20 year old Norclad casement windows and I need to replace about 4 of the glass and frame units because they have totally rotted out. I know that Jeld-Wen has bought out Norco but no one in the area (Grand Rapids, MI) seems to have or know where I can get replacement units. I only need the glass and frames. Does anyone have any knowledge or ideas?

I would also like to know if anyone has any experience with any of the fog-out companies that clean up the inside of the sealed glass where the seal has broken. Do they work, are they reasonably priced, or should I just replace the glass. I need to fix before winter, It's coming.


Dave Gless

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Replace the glass..norco`s # is 866-789-7701 . just be sure to have the daylight opening measurements(visible interior glass).order directly from them,but beware they are now charging huge shipping charges,they basicly double the price of a sash.order left hand or rights and they will punch out the sashlocks,ect for even easier install..and again dont use them defogging companys,they may clear the fog,but you no longer have an insulated unit,Oh,and by the way that # is for jeld-wen customer service,tell them you need norco replacement sashes..hope this helps get ya going..good luck

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If they are in that bad of shape I would buy something other then any Jeldwen product to replace them.

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i wouldn't just throw out a blanket statement like that. Jeldwen has a few product lines where Siteline (formerly Norco) is one of them.

I might agree that Norco may be subpar, but their Custom products (formerly Pozzi) certainly is not.

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Call jeld wen customer service and they can point you in the right direction.

I have Norco windows as well, about ten years old. I really don't like them either.

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The next "QUALITY" Jelwen(Pozzi) custom line window I see will be my first

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We just want to replace about 5 windows that the seals are bad so we don't have replace the whole window

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