Shipping fragile artwork

toomuchglassSeptember 26, 2012

I had to send that Harley mosiac from me, in WI.

to AZ. I decided to let the pro's do it , so I took it to UPS pack & Ship. Holey Moley -- it cost $36 to ship !!!!

I almost fainted. Have you ever shipped fragile stuff ?

I usually pack stuff myself , but after all that work ,I thought it would be best to have it done.

All I can say is for $36 -- they better wrap it in clouds & have angels deliver it ~ !

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I ship my own stuff. I wrap it in bubble wrap. I pack newspaper in the corners and around the outside, then throw in a layer of "peanuts". My item, more peanuts, more newspaper. By the time I close the box, that puppy ain't going anywhere. I also make sure I buy a good box. Shipping supplies for a 16" flower weighing about 10 lbs is about $5.

UPS is more expensive than USPS, but I believe their tracking and insurance on a lost or damage item is better. You can cut the UPS cost in half if you send to a business, so I try to send things to people's work if possible.

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You know -- I thought I noticed that residential delivery was more I know I'm not crazy !

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I can't Believe it cost $36!! That's a lot! I box my own stuff too. One tip I can offer is that I double-box everything and bubble-wrap it so that it looks like a ball. Well, at least you know it will arrive okay and it's insured if it doesn't.

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