Constructive Criticism Needed - Catch A Star Chime

chinatreasuresSeptember 27, 2009

Hi everyone! I've been busy coming up with new designs for my upcoming show. I would love to get some feedback (negative or otherwise) on these chimes I designed. They hang down about 12"-13". Are there any changes you would make? What would you expect to pay for something like this?


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those are adorable.
Maybe make the moon with a deeper curve.
How about adding a smaller star to the center one?
I am absolutely terrible at pricing.
Someone awhile back posted a very good method to use for pricing, and I thought I saved it to my clippings, but I must not have. Sorry.
I tend to use beads on the strings, but then again I LOVE beads.

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I think your pieces are adorable and should sell well! I agree on the curve of the moon that was suggested. At least more like the blue one. I love the beaded strings on Texas's piece and they'd look good on yours too! I don't know about pricing either, but I think the formula is 3 times the cost of materials plus your time. Good luck with your shows!

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They are adorable. So sweet. For constructive criticism, I offer the same suggestions as others have already made: a little more curve in the moon and add beads, especially Swarovski crystals. I also would suggest that you smooth the edges and points so they don't cut or poke people (you may do that already). So, I would suggest adding beads, but still keep it simple; lots of the ones on eBay have way too much wire embellishments IMO. As for pricing, I just quickly scanned "glass wind chimes" on eBay and it looked like an average price would be $15 to $20 on "Buy It Now" ones, and there is one that has 16 hours to go and is up to $26; however, it is more elaborate, 27 pieces of fused glass, lampwork beads, and Swarovski crystals, and 21" long. Pricing is always the hardest thing. However, one thing I found when we did shows; if it doesn't sell on the first day, mark it up; we artists often sell way too low. Good luck on the show. Please come back on this topic and tell us what prices you decided on.

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I agree with Daisy about the pricing. It is what I use. I also consider the difficulty of the piece. I would truly like to get paid for my time, but reality is it would be difficult esp. now. Good luck


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Hi! I want to thank each of you for your advice. I agree that the blue moon looks better with the deeper curve and I'll cut them that way. The stars could be spaced a little better. I thought about beads on the wire, but I'm trying to keep the price down: lower price = more sales, right? Hopefully!

I understand the economy right now and that's why I didn't do the regular downtown market this year - the booth fee was just too high to take that risk. The two shows I'm doing are low fee and church craft shows. One I did last year and it was so-so, I did make the booth fee back and even came home with McDonald's money in my pocket. ;-) The second show I'm doing this year is a brand new show and I know those are usually not very good, but the booth fee was also low and the coordinator seems to be doing a good job of promoting.

So, as for the price ~ since I'm trying to keep things affordable, I'm thinking in the $12-$14 price range. I'll need to track my time and materials more carefully and see if I can make a profit at that price.

I was also thinking of making some 1" glass pendants with pictures in it and price them about $10 and include a choice of necklace (beaded chain or cord necklace). Also, I was going to make some small beads that could be added to the pendant for $1-$2. Kinda like "make your own necklace" - pick your pendant, chain and add-a-bead. The pictures I plan to put between the glass are some spiritual or inspirational words and designs and, of course, they will be double sided.

Since I haven't done shows this year it's kinda hard to tell whether people are spending their money - has anyone else done shows recently?

Thanks again for your comments. I would love to hear what other have to say!

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THose are pretty. I sell glass windchimes, mine go from 8 and up. I also do fused ones. I do shows. This year has been really slow. I have sold more mosaic's piece and alot of chimes. I have 2 more shows this year. These last 2 were good last year but sales have been down.
Make sure they chime well. People like to hear them.

Did you use wire or fish line? Add some beads also if you can and keep the price down. I use beads on mine to cover the metal string. Good luck selling them.

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China they are very pretty. I agree with what's already been said though. More curve on the moon and a little bling always helps!!! Very nice....

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Totally agree on the beads. They're very pretty. Also like yours, TEX.

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Agreed on the beads. I'll certainly add some to the wire.

Gretch, will you share what type of wiring you use for your chimes? I used some jewelry wire I had on hand with some crimp beads and it seems to be holding really well.

I've decided to make some chimes hanging from driftwood. I plan to drill holes through the wood for the wires, but can't vision how to secure the wire at the top. Still working that out in my mind!

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