hot water dispener

drmoose00March 31, 2010

I am remodeling, and putting in an under sink mount Insinkerator hot/cold filtered water dispenser. The unit runs at ~6.1A.

Is it permissible to wire this to one of my 20A wall outlet circuits? I understand that there is always the possibility of tripping, but really how often will I be using 2 countertop appliances and then decided I need a bunch of hot water?

On a related note.

I have been reading some of these forums about the recommended circuits for the kitchen. My impression is that before too long, every outlet in the kitchen, every appliance, and pretty much everything else in the house will require its own dedicated circuit. This is an old house with a 120A panel, and the option to replace it with an updated higher service is , well not an option right now, since it is underground cabling, there doesn't appear to be conduit, and there are some big trees in the run, so....

Point is my panel space is extremely limited. I thought I would replace my dryer and hot water with gas, freeing up a significant portion, but the gas supply to the house is 3/4", so.....

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It's not permissible, and you could always add a sub-panel. Running a dedicated feed or possibly tying into an existing circuit does not change wether or not you need to upgrade your service, it only changes the service calculation when installing a new service

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I was wondering about adding a sub panel in the basement/crawl space. This would make my rewiring MUCH easier, and I just spoke with my electrical service, and they tell my my line in is rated to 200A. So if I add a sub panel, this has no bearing on my current panel rating correct?

that is to say, I can have a "FULL" 120A panel, and then a 60A sub-panel, and that is OK?


Side question: 60A sub panel: 6AWG?

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