extention cord and fluorescent fixture

dowlinggramMarch 6, 2012

I have a fluorescent light with 2 T8 32 watt bulbs for growing plants. I want to add second fixture. Unfortunately the lights must be set up where there is no electrical outlet so here's what I want to do--

Plug both fixtures into a power bar that I have used for my computer at one time. Then plug the power bar into a 50 foot outside extention cord and plug the extention cord into the timer that is in the outlet. Is this possible or not without any danger of fire. In future I'd like to explore a better way but for this year would it be OK

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Technically power strips or extension cords are designed for temporary use although the exact definition of temporary might be subject to some debate.

As long as the all the components are in good shape, I don't see any problems. You may want to check for time to time for good connections and any physical damage to the cord, timer, etc.

You mentioned "outdoor" extension cord. If these lights are outside, then they should be rated for damp or wet locations depending on their use and the timer should be plugged into a GFCI receptacle or on a GFCI protected circuit.

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