Exterior just finished. Why does it look weird?

EricaRayAugust 28, 2012

Please see photo. Our exterior was just completed but I don't like it and I'm not sure why. I like the individual components, such as the stone around the garage door, the dark green siding and the white trim. However, something looks really off here. Is it that there's so much white trim on the top half of the house and none on the bottom so the house looks unbalanced or something? Or is that the white trim is too white/bright relative to the other colors? I'm happy to paint the trim a different color. My husband thinks the extra wide trim around the central windows is what's not working. Any feedback? I'd really appreciate it. THANKS

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It is a beautiful house! I agree that it might look even better if there was less white around the upper middle windows. What if you painted the two vertical sections in between that trim around those windows to match the siding color? It also might just be that it hasn't been landscaped yet. It really is a lovely house.

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Very pretty house!

Yes -- paint out (in the lovely olive green) a bit of the creamy trim around the sides of the middle window .... to make the middle window match the look of the side windows ....

Also paint out the pale trim (again -- in the same olive green) around the garage doors ...

Add Mission or Arts & Crafts style outdoor lighting -- and consider a color from that era for your front door (dark pumpkin orange; spicy gold; eggplant ...)

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Beautiful house but I would paint the two inset sections next to the three windows either the same color as the siding or a lighter version of the siding.

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I think your husband might be right. Here is a sloppy paint job to see the brown siding color around middle windows.

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Wow, that looks great!

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Nice house. I am not often a fan of new construction, especially the prominence of garages. But the architect did such a great job! The rooflines are so interesting and pleasing.

I agree the visual weight of the bottom is too heavy vs the top. You need darker colors up top or lighter below. Unlike the other posters, I would lighten up the garage doors. I think what you have to decide is how busy you want it. If you are okay with busy, I would have the windows and garage doors all in cream, with the vertical pieces in the olive color. If you don't want busy, id just paint the doors cream like the windows.

Congrats on your new home!

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Nice house! I love those windows! The colors aren't coming through correctly on my monitor. I'm just seeing brown with a cream trim. I can't see the stone around the garage. Can you get a better picture? What is the style of the paneling on your garage door? To me it's coming across as bottom heavy without more white trim on the lower level. I'd like to see you get some of that white on the garage door. If the panels mirror the shape of your windows, maybe you could highlight that some way.

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Also, could you beef up the trim around the garage door to keep it consistent with the rest of the trim?

Beautiful house! What brand of garage door is that? It's very stylish.

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I will definitely take these suggestions into consideration. A co-worker just suggested painting the trim a grey color to match the stone around the garage. Do you think that would work?

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I love the trim on the second floor! I think the imbalance comes from the skimpy trim around the garage door. A nice wide casing would look great, IMHO.

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If you can't beef up the trim around the garage door because of the stone, consider painting it the same color as the garage door. That way it won't stand out.

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Here's a little beefier, but lighter trim around the garage door.

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OMG thanks so much. That looks waaay better. Thanks thanks thanks.

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My first thought was to paint the garage door white to balance the top and bottom. But I really like how the dark color door makes the door recede. Unlike other houses with prominent front garage doors it does not look like a garage with a house attached to it.

I like Lyban's first idea of reducing the white on top.

Cute house! You'll have to show us pics of the inside too. (Cause we're nosey and we like to tell people how to decorate their houses.) : )

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I can't add much more to the great ideas already mentioned, but can you tell me the name and manufacturer of your garage door? I think it's what I have in mind (if I ever get to replace mine). Thanks!

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You see the two windows on either side behind and then the window behind it - the outside sections of the front windows should match that. Almost like what lyban did but with a little more white on the outside of the windows and the underframe part just past the windows and not to the edge.

Then it just steps from the back through the middle and to the front in a nice repeat pattern.

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