What is the best design for my floating nightstands?

Texasgal47April 3, 2014

I'm a widow with a small patio home and am trying to maximize my storage. My current project is to have custom cabinets built for a very small bedroom which is being used as my master bedroom. A double bed is centered on the back wall. Each side of the headboard is 28" from it's adjacent side wall. This is a platform bed which has large wood storage boxes on wheels underneath which pull out on each side. I want floating nightstands on either side to allow continued usage of that underbed storage. Nightstand dimensions would be 25"w x 18"d x 6"h. The top is to have a cherry stain (to match the bed) and the drawer portion will be painted white, perhaps with shaker style molding on the drawer front. I do have corbels left from my kitchen remodel. Each corbel has a side 11"h x is 3"w. Complicating all of this is a wood access panel (for the tub in the adjacent room) on the left wall which begins 15.5" from the back wall and is 22"h from the floor. The combined depth of the access frame plus the door in the center is 1.5". I could probably remove that entire panel and substitute a 1/8" painted flat wood board screwed into the wall if it is necessary to reduce the depth of the panel. I would think the least expensive approach would be to mount the corbels on the wall, at either end of the nightstand, screw the drawer section into the bottom side of the nightstand top, and screw the back of the nightstand into the wall studs. The drawer section would be narrower to fit between the corbels. Would this work and is this the best way to go about this? Or design and construction-wise, is it better to ditch the corbels and just have the floating shelf span the entire width? I would still need a 1.75"w spacer against each side wall to allow for that tub access on the left side. Hopefully, all of this has been clear enough. How would you approach this situation? As you can tell, my knowledge of carpentry is pretty minnimal. I just want to communicate clearly and realistically with my carpenter. Any insights or constructive criticisms from this forum would be greatly appreciated.

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Look at the article on floating shelves in the current Fine Woodworking magazine. You'll want a beefy cleat lagged into the studs because of the possibility that a nightstand might take a lot of weight if someone leans heavily or sits on it, but the basic idea will work fine for you.

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