silicone or something similar that is safe for wiring?

franki_iMarch 10, 2014

We have an electric blanket and it has a pair of thin wires going from the controller to the blanket. If you can picture a lamp's electrical cord that has the positive and negative sides peeled apart, then that would be it. Maybe a bit thinner though.

The wire ends have terminals and they're pushed into a plastic connector which plugs into a female connector secured in the blanket.
What I want to do is put a glob of some kind of non conductive, non corrosive silicone inside the back of the male connector (where the wires are pushed through) and on the wires themselves. The purpose is to keep them stationary and prevent them from twisting and breaking.
I've had the blanket since Christmas and I already replaced the wires once. And they broke again, so now will be twice.
This is *supposed* to be a superior blanket, but I cannot believe they think the electrical engineering on it is acceptable. At least the manufacturer sent me a new controller under warranty which I received today.

When I fixed the wiring the first time, I used heat shrink on each wire and then one more heat shrink wrapping both of them together and as close to the terminal as I could get. The rest is history..

Anyway.. is there anything I can use which is safe knowing that the substance will be touching both bare wires??

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Ron Natalie

There is no "safe" way to make this repair by anding globs to the mixture. If you can squeeze the mating contacts that is probably your best hope. Frankly, doing add hoc repairs like this to an electric blanket isn't particularly safe at all.

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It sounds like what you want to do is burn up in your sleep. That thing is trash you should have returned it. It must be malfunctioning if the wires are doing that already. If you do that repair we will be reading about you on the news not this forum.

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