Wall Hanging for a Special Friend

texaswildSeptember 26, 2008

Sent this off last week to a very special friend. She says she loves it - makes me happy. The substrate is one of those little portable ironing boards - sorta iconic-shaped, which is my favorite. It has a lot of meaningful pieces in it.

Gift for a friend

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a true Slow original- dynamite and filled with all kinds of eye candy that keep you looking and remembering(i bet) for a long time.

Really cool, IS that a blue Texas boot down ?? Awesome, I bet your friend was truly pleased.

Good gad gal, there's no stopping you. How's the foot by the way???

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No boot in this piece, MER. Thank you. My friend DID seem very happy. Dr. said today we might see more improvement and less pain in a month. Waaaaah. Healing is slow at this age!!!

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OMG Slow! I just bought one of those little ironing boards and have penciled on a pattern! We're on the same wavelength. I love it! She is so lucky to have you for a friend.

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What a wonderful gift! It's just beautiful!
I love that you put hearts with the crosses... very meaningful. And... the different levels add so much interest. It's always a treat to see your work, Slow!

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Ok, so what does a girl have to do to be a special friend!
WOW! What is that large cross made from? It looks metal.
I have an antique wooden ironing board that I have been eyeballing for a project and I have one of those little metal toy ironing boards as well.
You just inspire me every time you post.

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Lucky friend! LOVE this!! I especially like the rosary beads around the big cross. Glad to hear your foot is on the mend, sorry it's taking so long, but you will be out line dancing again before you know it!

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Beautiful work as always Slo!
Is that a message under the red (glass?) on the bottom right?

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Beautiful as always!
I ordered crosses on line, since I couldn't get to Hobby Lobby.....I want to do something like that so bad!
My charge card has been my life...since I can't leave the freaking house!LOL!!! so much so.. they called to find out if it was me ordering so much weird stuff!LOL!! Great of them to make sure!
Your art makes me want to jump off in all different directions. I have drawings from your work, that I can't wait to act on! So inspired by your art! Love your posts

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Well, thank y'all. Y'all make me feel so special - good grief!!! Your comments make me want to mosaic today for sure. RCHOVEY: What kind of design are you putting on your little board?? Anxious to see. FIDDLE: Yes, hearts are always a must on almost all my work, but on crosses, hearts and mirrors are a constant - glad you got the meaning. RATS, TEX and MEADEL - was afraid someone was gonna mention the message: Guess I'm gonna have to confess here. What you have to do to be a special friend is have coffee w/me on line every morning for about two years, meet me in Puerta Vallarta for a workshop, and have an addiction to mosaics that equals mine. The large cross is metal - the other side of the blue, which I've used in a little triptyche, and the gift for my GD. Got a roll of old tin from the barn of a relative of my friend Becky. The white around the message is the bottom of the little basket from which I cut the weaved porcelain to make Lally's (the mannequin) garter. The message says "To my dear friend, who is a Gypsie at heart". From that I think you'll figure out who got this piece. The message was printed on red paper, under smokey glass. She had asked for a commission, but....... So whatcha gonna do w/your board??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm?? CINDI: Those aren't rosary beads - they're left over from some I ordered from Spectrum Chandeleir parts to mosaic the chandeleir in the bird cage frame. Google them, they have the crystals in several shapes, and the beads by the yard - very cheap. The large nails are from a hardware store in P.V. The large thing at the bottom is a pendant I bought in the Middle East, and used to wear, and the heart on bottom right is half of a locket I used to wear. LOVE: That's such a compliment - whatcha gonna jump into next?

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And, yes...I love it and I love Slow!!! It has so much meaning behind it........! I feel honored to have Slow as a friend with unconditional friendship and love..so much in our lives are similar...a true "girlfriend-soulmate!" What the world needs now......is more of this..kindness!

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Nice gift Slow!! I love the small ironing board idea!!

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Just beautiful, what a special, meaningful gift to give a friend. You have such a good eye for placement of tess and use of color so that everything just makes sense and looks amazing! I can only follow a picture, lol, I have no idea how to even start something like this. Great piece, I'm sure your friend will treasure it forever.

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Slow, it's beautiful, and it went to a beautiful person!

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G'morning, y'all. Thanks for the nice comments. Yes, The Gypster is a real piece of work herself, BAMA. GCP. Your comment intrigues me. How you start is to choose your base - an old plank lying in my way in the garage is an easy target(the case in the first cross - it had old paint on it - think it came off my counter when I re-worked my kitchen), but this little ironing board had a meaning between Gypsie and me. She had told me a funny story re ironing. Clean it up, plunk it down on your work table, choose the focal point, or something you love, or in this case, it was a roll of tin and my tin snips, cuz I wanted something off the wall. Cut out the cross, w/the needle nose pliers, barely turn the raw edges down. Plunk it on the board w/some glue (I put some wood strips under it to raise it up level w/the other tess). Look around the clutter 'till you find two more crosses (I was all out, so had to go to HobLob). Plunk them down. Then look in the jewelry drawer for juuuuuuuuust the right, meaningful pieces. Cut up some glass or plate shards. Stand back - look for balance, and stick some more pieces down, etc. This isn't rocket science, GCP. Try it - you'll see what I mean. Once you start, there's no stopping you. I dare you to try it.

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Oh Slow, that is so pretty and what a cool idea to use a small iron board.

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Slow, maybe I will try it, lol. I guess that I feel I am not "artistic" enough to just 'go with the flow', if you know what I mean. I still use something concrete-a pattern--except on the vase I made. Well, and I guess that little table I made did not use a pattern either. Hmm. Maybe I should try this. It makes sense that if you start with a focal point, a jumping off point, that you could go from there. That idea makes me more comfortable trying the more 'abstract' sort of mosaic.

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GCP: Yeah, RIGHT - Uh huh - um hmmmm - you not "artistic" enough???? Are you silly??? That box you're making is absolutely a contradiction to that bull pucky!! Hey, why don't we do one together. Post our idea, post the prospective tess, ask for ideas, whatever, and see where we go w/it. When you get ready, lets communicate.

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That sounds interesting, Slow. Makes me a bit nervous, but I would be up to it after I finish my other DD's table, it's been sitting in my basement collecting dust for a while now.

Thanks for the compliments; I guess my problem is that when faced with a totally 'blank slate', I get like a writer's block of mosaicing! I mean, the box lid was fine, because I had the picture to go from, I knew what it would be. But when I started on the sides of the box this week, I had no clue what to do with them. I arranged and rearranged the tess, but that is where I falter--that is where I feel less artistic than those who can take a blank piece and just know what to do with it. I spend so much time just trying to figure out what I should do with it.
I hope that makes sense. Hopefully, with practice, I will get over my fear of 'blank' space and be able to see what it should be.

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Know exactly what you mean, GC: I put off starting to mosaic out of fear, but when I finally dove in, I couldn't believe why I waited so long. It suddenly took over my life. Yesterday, after a little yard work, I put a drawer I got for a dollar last week from Habitat for Humanity in Tyler on my trip to RoboMargo's barn sale. Sat and stared at it for awhile, then decided it should be another cross, then set about to make it happen. Gypsie's email yesterday morning said she put a cabinet door on her work table and stared at it. We all go through the same thing when contemplating our next projects. I just get a hair-brained idea, and try to make it happen, not knowing what it w/turn into in the end. MOST of the time, I like what I end up with but NOT always. Let me know when you're ready, and we shall begin. They play games on-line - don't see why we can't mosaic together. It might be fun.

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Well, thanks for sharing that, Slow, it makes me feel a lot better, really. I thought it was just me, lol!

I'll let you know when I'm ready :)

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