New construction vs. Replacement

zbrennanAugust 19, 2014

I have spent countless hours on here and other websites doing research about replacement windows. I've learned a ton, but there is something I haven't seen discussed on here.

How do you recommend to install replacement windows? I know majority of the places that have given me quotes are going to use the replacement style, cut the flange, and slide a new window in that opening.

I think I found the product I want (Sunrise) and the installer I want. I will be purchasing 14 double hung windows and a 6' sliding patio door. He told me he installs windows by removing the siding and completely removing the window and putting a new construction style window in. That way he can seal the window much better and use zip tape to tie it in to the house wrap. This has to be the better install method, right?

The other issue is price. Using this method seems like it's more expensive (definitely more labor). The quote I have for the windows is $820 per window installed (Standard Sunrise with double pane glass upgraded to Ultra-U plus 12). I am also getting a new sliding patio door (same specs as windows) and it will be just under $1800.

Sound accurate considering new construction style and Ultra U plus 12?

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Inserts are less intrusive, as opposed to full frame - new construction or tear-out or any other term you want to use.

The downside is less glass area, but in your case you should be OK as Sunrise offers "slim line". I would prefer the Sunrise Vanguard or Restorations over the standard, just for the reinforcement factors and performance from these two versions.

Not sure as to why your contractor wants to do a full frame - unless he is seeing damage that you are not revealing. Price seems to be in the ballpark for Sunrise.

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I can only offer the information that was provided to me as it relates to windows. We chose Sunrise replacement windows for our first home and the Vanguard line for our second home. I much prefer the Vanguard windows.

We were told that the replacements would be less intrusive as well, as bpchill stated. However, we were also told that the new construction provided a 'tighter' install. In the end, we were told that full replacement was only needed if there was damage to the existing window frames.

The contractor mentioned that he was going to remove the siding. The question that comes to mind for me is, "Is he also selling you new siding?"

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No hidden damage. He's an Amish contractor and just prefers to go the extra step in making sure things are done as well as possible. He likes this method because it creates multiple ways of sealing the window to avoid water or air leaks in the future.

His window guy can't get Restorations so I haven't seen a price for them. I actually wanted to get that window, but I trust this guy to install my windows so I may settle for the standard Sunrise. How much more are they typically? $100 extra per window? More? Less?

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Windows on Washington Ltd

What kind of windows do you have currently? If you are not supremely hung up on getting back the 1.5" of glass width, doing new construction on a wood-out type install is a bit like cutting off your finger because you have a splinter.

If it is a metal out or vinyl out, that is a different story.

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april_love, he's definitely not interested in selling me new siding. He actually talked about being extremely careful because if we have to replace any siding it won't match perfectly because of fading. I don't think that's his issue. I think I'm going to have to check out the sunrise window next to the vanguard/restoration window.

windowsonwashington, I currently have cheap single hung vinyl windows that were put in when the house was built in 1994. They are Simonton windows.

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Current windows are vinyl.....different story. Yes, then I agree with a full frame replacement, and it is precisely what I would do in your position.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Great idea then based on the install type and window that you are replacing.

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