Repair of Pella ProLine aluminum clad windows

russ_bAugust 9, 2010

I need to replace a rotting wooden bottom sash (sill) on a Pella ProLine aluminum clad window that's 57" wide by 71" high. I believe the correct approach is to remove the aluminum cladding around the window, pull out the thermopane glass, replace the wooden bottom sash with a new one, reinstall the glass the finally reinstall the aluminum cladding. But never having done this before I have several questions. 1) Does one just use a putty knife to pry off the aluminum cladding?, 2) how exactly does one remove the thermopane glass? It appears to have some sort of sealing where it rests on the inside wooden frame surrounding the window. Does one just carefully use a putty knife to pry the glass loose? 3) what bonding agent/glue do you use to reattach the outside aluminum cladding? Would like some idea of how to do it cause it's in the front of my house and its a big window.? Thanks Russ_B

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costello, if your going to span the site at least try and make sure your crap is in a thread where it may make the slightest bit of sense.

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Russ, leave this to a Pro that has done this exact thing before or you could cost yourself even more $$$.

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There is a class action law suite due to the design of these windows. I had a pro out to my house and its not fixable unless you totally replace your windows. All my windows have the issue.

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