Dedicated Equipment Space

ecrannyMarch 29, 2010

I am planning to install a sub-panel in my unfinished basement. The only good location for it is in violation of 110.26(F) in regard to 'foreign systems'...

(b) Foreign Systems. The area above the dedicated space

required by 110.26(F)(1)(a) shall be permitted to contain foreign systems provided protection is installed to avoid damage to the electrical equipment from condensation, leaks, or breaks in such foreign systems.

There is a 1/2" water pipe running across the joists above where the panel will be located (parallel with the panel face), so It seems I need to install some kind of drip protection. Would I be able to use a sort of 1/2 round gutter suspended from the joists to provide the required protection, or does it need something more elaborate. I did not buy the panel yet, so if I get a weatherproof 'outdoor' panel, would that be sufficient? If so, then I could mount it directly to the concrete block wall, right (no air gap needed)?

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No one on this board can really tell you what is acceptable in this particular situation. They intentionally leave that article open to interpretation. Only the AHJ (electrical inspector) has the power to tell you what measures you need to take that will sufficiently protect the panel from water, keep everyone safe, while satisfying the requirements article 110.26(F)(1)(a) in his opinion.

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The gutter you propose should be good enough.

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