Low voltage at one light switch

sherr20March 20, 2010

I have a double wall switch near the kitchen sink. One switch is for garbage disposal and one is for the light over the sink. The light will not work, garbage disposal works fine.

I took the switch plate off and checked the voltage with my multi-meter. The garbage disposal switch has 125 volts going to it when off and 0.0 when switched on.

The problem light switch has 79-80 when off and goes to 0.0 with switch on.

No breakers are popped. All outlets in the kitchen work fine and have full voltage.

The house is 8 years old.

Any ideas?

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If you are using a digital meter the 70-80 volts is likely a 'phantom voltage' and not real.

Check the feed to the switch and any wire nuts in the box.

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