Choosing a nail gun

puzzlefanApril 9, 2008

Is there a recommended nail gun under 100.00 for around the house projects? An electric one, not one requiring a compressor. THank you

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"Around the house projects" is pretty vague. Nail guns (both electric and pneumatic) only shoot the particular type of nails they're designed for. One gun is used for framing nails, another for roofing nails, another for finish nails, another for brads, etc. I don't own any electric nailers, but a quick survey of Amazon's offerings suggests that they can only handle 18 gauge (very thin) brads, up to 1 1/4" long. If that's big enough for the projects you have in mind, you might look at the one I linked to; it's well-reviewed for the price. If you need to drive bigger nails, I think you're stuck with pneumatic (or a hammer).

Here is a link that might be useful: Surebonder 5950

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Short answer is no.

I tried several electric nailers early on in my tool buying stage. There are electric nailers that do work, but they start at over $300. The nailers I tried---much like the one jon mentioned would not nail soft pine trim on plywood edges reliably.

There are kits available that include a couple different sized nailers---16 guage and 18 guage---the portable compressor with hose, oil, some nails and even Teflon tape to use for connecting the quick release adapters to the hose and nailers. Many of those kits can be found for $200-$300 and will handle any DIY job around the house except deck building or framing.

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I think you need to define your requirements and potential projects. The most versatile nailer under $100 would be a hammer. Just what is it that you expect to get out of a gun? Do not think that you MUST HAVE one just because the bearded guy on Saturday morning TV can't function without one.

If you really just want one and want out cheap, a small (

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