Routing wires through masonry wall

joelbuckleyMarch 31, 2008

Is there a code-compliant way to feed wiring through a masonry wall directly into the back of a surface-mount box, e.g. for a receptacle? The wall in question is stone, and it used to be an exterior wall, but it now separates the house from a sunroom, so I'd say this is a dry location.

I know I could come out of the wall with 1/2" EMT, then elbow into the side of the box. Just wondering if there's a better/easier way. I'd like to minimize the diameter of the hole I have to drill. What about using 3/8" aluminum flex attached to a knockout on the back of the box with one of those connectors that threads into the conduit spiral? Does flex provide enough protection?

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You can just run NM directly into the back of the handy box using a regular box connector (4040) or a locknut connector. If there is any chance of physical abrasion of the NM then just use a short run of PVC conduit through the wall. You can always glue a male threaded adapter to the PVC and where it enters the box use a lock ring to secure the PVC.

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Thanks, bigbird. If the conduit is just to protect against physical abrasion, then THHN in flex (or MC cable) would be ok too, don't you think? All else being equal, I'd use a PVC sleeve like you suggest, but I think the flex will go through a smaller hole than any PVC conduit will go through. That stone is tough stuff.

There won't be any significant abrasion, regardless. I'm probably over-thinking this.

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I'd ha' pushed a short length of UF through the wall, but can see nothing wrong with these other applications.

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