How can I remake my pendant lights?

seaswirlMarch 18, 2013

My Hurricane Sandy wrecked house has 3 pendant lights that I really want to keep but redo. They are from the 60s and my father put them in the house, so they have sentimental value. They are crackled glass dangling down from a brass housing held in with 3 thumb screws. The brass housing is getting crummy looking, so that's what I want to eliminate....but keep the crackled glass. What supplies do I need to remake these lights? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: You can see 2 of the lights near the front door.

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Brass is back big time. And MCM is hot. Don't do a thing to them. They are perfect just as they are.

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At the very least, take them down, take them apart, ad clean them using mild soap and lots of rinsing in fresh water.

Replace any sockets and any hanging wire you can.

Salt water is VERY corrosive, and salt left behind will pull moisture form the air and continue eating away at things.

Solid brass can take a decent polishing.

Brass plated steel (magnet sticks) cannot take much polishing or corrosion.
You can use tinted lacquer tinted to cover up some damage.

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