Looking for technique to darken grain in Oak

ppdiaporamaApril 28, 2010

Hi there,

I want to refresh my kitchen cupboards.

They are made of solid oak. While the wood is relative light coloured, the grain is very dark.

Does anyone know the techniqe to achieve this?

I've posted a picture of the cabinets here


Thanks ... Pat

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That is the normal effect that happens when oak is stained for the first time.

Once a finish is applied, stains no longer work. as the finish prevents then from soaking into the wood at all.

Removing the finish would need to be done by a professional stripping company to get all the finish off.

Gel stains can be applied over a finish, but gel stains are more of a modified paint than a stain.

Your best(easiest and least expensive) option would be to refinish the cabinets.

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