Need help with Rosie

cathyscacheSeptember 5, 2009

Hi all, I am putting Rosie up for sale in my sisters new place. and could use some pricing help. She is 2ft 7in tall and 2ft 7in long. She is a vintage wooden rocking horse. I spent countless hours on her. any suggestions? Rosie is on page 3

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosie

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Hey all, Doesn't anybody want to HELP?? How does $499.99 sound??? That's whats been running around my head........but that's just in me head......what ya'all think"????

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Hi Cathy, Rosie is beautiful. Pricing is always one of my hardest steps to my work. Imo it will depend on the people who are viewing her and the area the sale is conducted. Some may look and some may be interested. It will take the one special person to want to give Rosie a good home. Since her original state is not the issue, whay I have learned is to take the substrate, plus the materials, and times it by three. Others will pop in sometime today for sure and give you some more ideas I'm sure. Good luck Cathy.


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Totally agree w/KAT: Depends on the art appreciation of your area. Riana told me I should have asked $3,000 for the manniquin, but I knew it'd never bring that, so I put half that amt., and it sold right away. For me, it isn't a matter of making money, it's just doing what I like, and having an outlet to make more room to keep on making stuff. Guess that's the reason I'm dwelling on garden art at the moment - house is full. Follow your instincts, and if, after awhile, she doesn't sell, you can always adjust your price. Check out a gallery near you, or art shows. It truly depends on your area market. You might check out on-line galleries, where they sell your work.

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Ok Thanks Kat and Slow. I think I'm gonna put a reg price of $479.99 and a grand opening discount price of $459.99...

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That sounds like really good pricing to me!

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Well we'll see. I can always lower it if it doesn't sell.

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