How to repair table top?

tombobApril 18, 2008

We have an oval oak dining room table with one leaf in the center. The veneer (I am sure it is veneer and not solid wood) where the leaf adjoins the rest of the table has raised slightly in places, looking like the veneer is bubbled up, due to, I guess, moisture from spilled fluids from the kids, heat from hot dishes etc.

I would like to correct this, but am fearful of sanding veneer and sanding right through it. I have removed the leaf and tried looking at the sides of the leaf attempting to see if the veneer--IF it is indeed veneer--has separated from the underlying wood but it seems solid.

The overall finish and look of the table is excellent and I hate to get rid of it. Any ideas for getting rid of these raised places?

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IF it is actually a veneer, put a damp towel over the area and iron it with a warm iron. What we are trying to do here is-assuming it IS veneer- is revitalize the adhesive under the VERY thin veneer.
It is possible the finish might discolor a bit but you can deal with that.
Please report back.

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I use liquid hide glue (available in a bottle -- be sure to get a fresh one from the mfg. date). I buy syringes at my pharmacy and inject the glue underneath the bubbles. Smear a little vaseline over the spot, get some waxed paper, and clamp down a wooden caul over the spot overnight. It should suck your veneer back down and hold it for good.

Ironing with a damp cloth is likely to damage the finish. Even though it might be repairable, it's not necessary.

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