Scored some windows

mzclassicSeptember 20, 2009

My son just brought me 6 windows! They are 6 pane and I can't wait to do some glass on glass with them. Nice winter months projects.

Donna in Florida From WIP From WIP

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Wayy cool!! I went to an Estate sale yesterday and there were some old 4 pane windows that I would loved to have, but she wanted $25 a piece for them. I'll wait and find them cheaper....great winter project!!!

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OOOHHHHHHHH......those are nice! Have fun! Keep us posted with lots of pics please!


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Donna, what a wonderful son you have. I love mine very much, but he just don't get it. lol But thats ok, I do keep an eye out for windows. Like Cathy I ususally spot them for at least $25 if not more.


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What A GOOD SON!!! You have trained him well!!! lol! Nice windows, do you have any ideas for projects already?

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Yes he is a good son. Always lookin for stuff for his weird mom. I have no clue what I am gonna do yet and am open to any suggestions you talented people may have.

Donna in Florida

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