Circuit splitting advice

scottysMarch 29, 2010

Currently have a #12 wired 20amp circuit that feeds my washing machine outlet, sump pump,ceiling pull chain light, and the garage. Circuit has never blown in the 3 years that I own the house, but while having some work done a couple of days ago, my electrician suggested running a third wire in the conduit which would allow the garage to be a separate circuit. I am questioning the need and expense though.....the sump pump rarely turns on; the garage has two 100 watt motion sensor flood lights, electric door opener and outlet which is used for the lawn mower and hedge trimmer in summer. Any thoughts?

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The washing machine should be on a circuit dedicated to the laundry area.

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"The washing machine should be on a circuit dedicated to the laundry area."

I'm sure his house is grandfathered in. There is no compelling reason to put a dedicated circuit to the laundry area unless he needs one.

scottys, the answer is up to you. If you think you are going to be doing work in the garage or something then get the new circuit installed. If not, then leave it. As you said, you never had a problem.

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