patio doors -SilverLine Anderson vs. wood

marl57August 5, 2012

I'm wondering if anyone has used the SilverlIne by Andersen vinyl patio door. ow does it compare to the wood. Also 6ft door vs 8ft. sliding door..any experience/opinions? thx

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Bottom of the barrel builders grade. Tough to compare to wood as there is wood out there dam near as bad, any brand wood in particular?

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trying to compare the 2 Anderson lines - SilverLine , to their 200 series wood patio sliding door . Contractor rec their vinyl if I wanted to save money, but doesn't seem to be much difference...Is their a better vinyl patio door . Have heard of Simington? I hunk is the name

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Since Silverline is pretty much the bottom of the barrel, anything else you choose would likely be better. However, if you want better quality, don't expect to get it at fire sale prices. Simonton makes a decent door as does Sunrise and Softlite.

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Silverline is complete garbage.. for the life of me, i dont know why anyone would want that in their home.. silverline is not only poorly constructed, it looks very cheap and detracts from the home. it amazes me how homeowners look for the cheapest products sometimes and fail to realize cheaper ends up costing more in the end.
Sunrise, Okna, HiMark, Soft Lite make some nice quality patio doors.

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You can't blame people. All they know is they have heard of the company and the price is really good so they are willing to take the chance and hope the warranty will protect them. After all, how bad could it be, right? Plus, they think they will be moving before the windows fail so why should they care as long as it doesn't happen to them?

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i forgot about the old " we are only going to be here for a few years and dont really need to spend too much" excuse.
thats the biggegst defense mechanism known to
seriously, the best consumer is one that does their homework and realizes that cheap is cheap for a reason. windows arent like a car that can be turned in at the end of a lease or sold in 3 years. windows are meant to last a few decades if a quality product is chosen.

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Champion products are decent quality. However, I doubt you got true factory direct pricing after you add in the sales commissions and marketing expenses.

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